DOOMDOGS "N.I.B." - LIVE !!! (Doomdogs opening for the mighty CANDLEMASS at Sticky Fingers Top Floor - Gothenburg, March 22, 2013)

DOOMDOGS welcome you to a land of Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal music \m/ ENJOY  \m/
...quote - "if you wanna know how Orange Goblin would have sounded in the seventies, go listen to DOOMDOGS" ... 'Nico - HellSpawn'...

"Doomdogs are currently in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for a third full-length album with the NEW BAND MEMBERS (joined dec 2014) Mr Johannes Hällström (bass) and Mr Anders Ström (drums)" !!!

DOOMDOGS' "Oceans of Despair" 
Doomdogs / War Injun Split 7" Vinyl -
released January 11-2013 by Svart Records !!!
You can order it directly from Svart Records (click here
Review - Doomdogs "Oceans of Despair" - Score 9/10 -
"Pagan Tordengrav - Pagan Hel Reviews - 16 January 2013"...
..."this track holds swagger by the ton – it’s powerful and energetic"...
.."it has good raw and intensely low tuned guitars and nice thick sounds"...
.."heavy laden riffs are deep and poignant in delivery with good forceful
bass hooks"..."addictive and robust, with nice gravelly vocals and plodding
rhythms that suck you into their weird and wonderful void"...
.."lip smacking good you could say, and just a taster of what Doomdogs
are capable of"..."from start to the finish of this track the vibes are solid and
uncompromising and well worth checking out"...
(cklick here for full review) 

Patrik (Doomdogs) Headbanging ???

DOOMDOGS - N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)

Christer Cuñat Candela - guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of Doomdogs


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